USCoC ON AIR is the name we gave to our original TalkShoe series of meetings and training episodes back in 2011.  They are recorded and preserved on the TalkShoe platform at

From there, the old 1700 series of training episodes, as well as the new 1900 series of interview episodes we call "USCoC ON AIR - The Interviews," are published to Podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Google Play and Spotify.

For the interviews, your host is our Chief Chaplain Alex Brandon.  Guests so far have included Pastor and Chaplain Mark McManus of Power for Abundant Recovery (P.A.R.) ministries in Billings, Montana; The Most Rev. John Wester, Archbishop of the Catholic Church's New Mexico Archdiocese; award winning Singer/Songwriter/Pianist extraordinaire Gordon Mote; former MLB player, cancer survivor, author and thrower of "the pitch that was heard around the world" Dave Dravecky; and "MUSICIANARY " Miss Lillie Knauls, award winning gospel singer and "Hat Lady" of many Gaither videos, famous Christian comedian and musician Tim Lovelace, and Sonny Turner, former lead singer of The Platters.  Denominational church leaders Dr. Nelson of the Presbyterian Church USA, Rev. Guyton of the Mennonites, Bishop Dillahunt from ELCA, and head of the Episcopal Church in 17 countries - Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.  They can be accessed either by clicking on the orange and white RSS Feed button at the top right of any of our main pages, or by clicking on one of the live links below.

Each interview varies in length between a half hour and hour and is full of warmth, humor and God's love.  These are interviews you will not hear anywhere else.  CH Brandon says they "prove that if God can use someone like me - He can use anybody."  Listen in to conversations recorded live on tape, just as they occurred with no editing.  It is as if you were there when they happened.  Hopefully you will agree that everyone has a ministry and that the The Conference may be just the vehicle to help you find, train for and express yours. 


US Conference of Chaplains