US Conference of Chaplains

Local CERT (Community Emergency Response Training)

This training can be completed through a local city or county Fire Department or Office of Emergency Services in most of the country.  There is often a small fee to cover materials (i. e. vest, helmet, etc.), but otherwise  it is free and is usually completed over a short period of just three Saturdays.  Proof of this training having been completed will have to be furnished in order to apply for Conference Certified Chaplain recognition. 

Conference Certified Chaplain,  CCC  Credential

Application for this award may be made only after A. M. E. N. ,         CERT and L. U. K. E.  training have been completed.  Evidence of completion of all outside coursework (certificates, letters, emails, etc.) must be furnished.  When these criteria have been satisfied and the proper fees have been paid, the certificate and pin will be awarded by the Chief Chaplain.  Along with this honor, the awardee is entitled to use the post-nominal letters CCC after their name.  

A. M. E. N. (All Member Education Nexus) Training.

Completion of this section is necessary for CCC certification (see below).

Every new member, whether becoming Chaplains or Chaplain Assistants, will complete this basic level of training (during their initial 90 day probationary period) in order to advance from "Associate" level and receive their official ID card/badge.  This is what The Conference has built their reputation on.  It can be completed at a leisurely pace and is a manageable course load for even the busiest among us.  The total time commitment in hours is estimated to be an average of 20 total, including viewing, reading, studying, review and quiz and test completion.  It consists of the following:

- In house mastery quiz on our membership manual, the "Chaplain's Compendium." (FREE)

- In house courses in power point presentation format for Intro to USCoC, and Basic Orientation Course are FREE.

- OBU-USA Pastoral Preparedness I and II, FREE.

- Eight (8) different courses from the Emergency Management Institute online.  They cover everything from the basics of incident command and the national, state and local frameworks for incident response and management.  Also CERT, workplace security awareness and active shooter training.  Recently added: interfaith literacy and competency in disaster situations.  These courses are all FREE of charge.

- Four (4) seminary level conference training modules that are used by one of our state ministry partners to train their denomination's Chaplains.  They cover basic chaplaincy and deep dive into communication, inter-personal and pastoral skills   A donation is suggested for these four courses to remain available to us.

For members who do not have access to such a program within fifty (50) miles of their home, READY.GOV has a complete online version of CERT  available.  A Conference mentor will help guide you through it and quiz you on the phone to assure completion.

L. U. K. E. (Leadership Understanding and Knowledge Education) Training.  Completion of this section is necessary for CCC certification (see below).

In addition to the A. M. E. N. training, State and Area level Chaplains MUST (within 180 days of appointment), and those desirous of advancing to leadership positions in The Conference should, complete the following:

- In house power point format Leadership Training module. (FREE)

- In house Death Notification Course and Quiz. (FREE)

-  Intro and seven (7) part chaplaincy training course through one of our international, mainline denominational ministry partners. (FREE) 


-  EMI’s valuable four-part leadership series covering Influence of Leaders, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Effective Communication and Developing and Managing Volunteers (FREE)

- ARC's "Response to Family Needs" bereavement handbook course and quiz. (FREE)

- MRC's "Psychological First Aid" handbook course and quiz. (FREE)