A Ministry of Presence

Members may wear distinctive uniforms, Conference logo embroidered polos, clergy shirts or other clothing suitable to the circumstances at hand. Members all have the same rank - member, although some have CH or C/A in front of their name to designate the member as a Chaplain or a Chaplain Assistant.  And there are some positions that members may aspire to as well.  The Conference is not set up in a military fashion, nor is it associated with any branch of government.

Our members are all qualified to serve, and some of them strive even further to become a CCC - Conference Certified Chaplain.  The ultimate award in chaplaincy is the USCoCF, becoming a Fellow in The Conference of Chaplains.  This honor is available to members and persons starting out as non-members, as well.  Please see our Training and Fellow pages dropping down under our ABOUT tab for more information.

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those in distress


those who serve

COMFORT...those in need


Become a Chaplain or Chaplain Assistant and become active in a field of ministry in your local community.  The Latin motto "fidei et operibus"  is representative of the mission and vision of The Conference, which in English is "by faith and works." Whether the focus of individual outreach is corporate, fraternal, prison, emergency services, nursing home, motorcycle, veterans, campus, hospital, disaster preparedness, sports, active military and reservists, hospice or the streets - our members keep their minds alert and their hearts tender to the opportunities to be of service which present themselves everyday

Online Chaplain Training, networking resources and opportunities are available through The Conference and our ministry partners. 

The IRS has determined that the US Conference of Chaplains is a tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c) (3).  

"fidei et operibus"

US Conference of Chaplains